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NOTE: The Office of Summer & Winter Programs is no longer involved in the adjunct faculty contract processing. Please send all your inquiries either to Human Resources or to Payroll.

If a school/department is trying to create a contract in Taleo and needs assistance, please contact Human Resources.

Schools/departments/faculty should follow the payment schedule provided by the Payroll Office.
Please contact Payroll for any questions.

Faculty Contract Process

This site has been created to provide you with accurate and up to date information on topics that concern you. We will continue to update this site with more information as it becomes available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources at

Faculty Contracts will be entered by the Academic Departments/Schools within Taleo and issued through schools/departments starting as soon as possible. Faculty should sign their course contract(s) through Taleo, which will automatically notify Human Resources. This does not include graduate or undergraduate overseas courses and other winter programs scheduled outside of the regular winter schedule.

With the exception of contracts for late course additions, schools/departments/faculty should follow the payroll schedule in order to ensure timely systems access and course payment. Please direct your questions or concerns to Payroll at relating to payment.

Low-Enrolled Courses

Deans and Assistant Deans will no longer be sent an email with a list of low-enrolled courses (courses less than 8 students enrolled) 2 weeks prior to a session start date. The purpose of the report was to adjust FWH for adjunct faculty summer contracts who were teaching courses with low enrollment. For FWH contract adjustments for low enrolled courses that will continue to run under the discretion of the school dean, please contact Human Resources.

Please note that courses containing travel components may necessitate earlier cancellation dates. For travel courses arranged through the Center for Global Engagement, please consult CGE for cancellation dates and processes.

Faculty (Online/ Blended) Self-Review Tools and Resources

Quality Matters

TCNJ is a member of Quality Matters (, one of the leading organizations dedicated to promoting excellence in online teaching. TCNJ faculty can create a free account by visiting the link and entering “The College of New Jersey” for affiliation. This provides access to the member tools and self-evaluation rubric. For the winter term, a self-review and consultation with the Office of Instructional Design is optional. A QM self-review and consultation with the Office of Instructional Design will be required to run a blended or online intersession course.

Tips from the Office of Instructional Design:

Winter Programs Advertising

Our office has been actively promoting the Winter Session (along with the Summer Session) to both TCNJ and visiting students at other universities through newspaper and online advertising. We maintain an active presence on our social media pages and attend Admissions and other campus events in order to promote our programs.  In the past, some instructors have asked for lists or rosters of students who have placed the instructor’s course in their PAWS shopping carts but have not yet registered. Instructors have reached out to these students to encourage enrollment. If you would like to request a shopping cart roster, please send an email to with your course name and number and we will gladly send you an Excel file with this information. As always, we encourage faculty members to self-promote your own winter courses through emails to student listservs or other means.

Student Support/Resources

The College of New Jersey Dean of Students office and the Care Team are available year-round to provide support regarding concerning student behavior.  The Team can provide students with vital support and linkages to resources on and off campus. Faculty are encouraged to reach out to the Dean of Students office if you observe a student that has exhibited signs of distress or may be involved in a potentially harmful situation. Reports can be submitted online by visiting the TCNJ Student Affairs webpage or going to the following web address: and a member of the Dean of Students office will follow up.  For questions, please contact the Care Team at xCARE (2273). 

If you have a concern about a student that you believe requires immediate attention please contact Campus Police at 609.771.2345.

Snow Contingency Plan

Because the Winter Session takes place in January, it is possible that there may be a campus closing due to inclement weather. To prepare in advance for this possibility, we have created a snow contingency plan. Canvas has a Conference option that accommodates up to 50 participants in a seminar. This function allows instructors to use audio and video as well as conduct chats and upload documents for students to view. To access this option, click on Conference on the left side of your Canvas dashboard. Canvas integrates with the seminar software called Big Blue Button. This will load in a different screen.

Web Conferences created through Canvas can be recorded and saved for 14 days.  When participating in a web conference it is recommended to use a USB headset rather than a microphone and speakers. Headsets will reduce feedback and improve audio quality.  A wired internet connection should also be used to improve performance.  For additional information, please visit

To learn more about the Canvas Conference option, please view this short video:  .

Please note that instructors will not be required to use the Canvas Conference option for instruction. The manner in which class time will be made up in case of a campus closing will be up to the discretion of the faculty member. Whether your contingency plan is to use this option or to rely on another method, which could, at your discretion, include an additional class meeting or independent work, please include your plan on the course syllabus so that students are aware of it on the first day of class.

For more information, please visit this page which includes helpful tips and information for developing your snow contingency plan.

Student Drop/Add Policies

A student has up until the last add/drop day of the session (January 4th, 2021) to drop a course and receive a full refund. If a student decides to drop a course after the last add/drop day, they forfeit any refund. A student can still withdraw from a course up until the last day to withdraw but if this is done after the add/drop window, they will NOT receive a refund and will be required to pay full tuition. Please note that blended and online courses will be closed to further enrollment on January 4th, 2021. On-campus courses will remain open to enrollment changes through winter break.

Grades Due

All Winter Session grades will be due in PAWS by January 25th, 2021

Adviser Reminders

All faculty and advisers, please keep in mind the following information when speaking with your students about winter session:

  • Undergraduate students may take up to four credits (one unit) of study during the winter session. Graduate students may take up to three credits. Per TCNJ policy, if a student wishes to register beyond the maximum load, written permission from their academic Dean or Graduate Coordinator is needed. Students should bring that permission to Green Hall Room 112 or email
  • The College reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrollment. Students are advised to register as soon as possible in order to secure a spot in their course.
  • After the Drop/Add period there are no refunds, meaning neither partial nor full refunds. It is the student’s responsibility to register for and appropriately withdraw from courses.
  • Non-attendance does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. Students are financially responsible for courses not dropped during the drop/add window.

For other student questions please make sure to visit our updated FAQ page which provides answers to many of the most common questions that we receive. You can also direct students to our Dates and Fees page to learn more about payment deadlines and fees for the summer session.

We thank you for your support and participation in the Winter Session!

Winter registration is closed. Please check back for Summer 2024 courses in late February.More Info